How to Find Arizona Business Owners by Name

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The State of Arizona allows you to conduct free online searches of registered business information and the Arizona Corporation Commission website provides the public with unlimited access to this data. You can search for Arizona business owners by name in a few ways. You can filter data by a specific owner’s name, by the business name or by sifting through all corporate records to find general business owner information.

Search by Name of Owner

Go to the Arizona Corporation Commission website.

Click “Corporate Records” on the left side of the screen and choose “Information on Active Corporations.”

Scroll to the bottom of the screen. On the bottom left, select the link “General Web Site Usage Instructions.”

Click the “Officers and Statutory Agents” tab and the “Advanced Searches” link. A new window or tab titled “General Instructions for Using this Site” should open. Select “List Business Entities by Agent.”

Type the owner’s name in the “Agent Name” query box and click the search button.

Search by Name of Business

Go to the Arizona Corporation Commission website and click "Corporate Records" on the left side of the screen. Choose "Information on Active Corporations."

Type the name of the business in the query box and click the search button.

Click the record desired and review information concerning the business, such as the agent and owner names and titles, business address and documents filed.


  • Searches conducted using the "Word" radio button will return exact results only. Make sure searches using this method are queried accurately for optimal results.



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