A prepaid credit card business is one way to build a financial services business that caters to those who cannot obtain a traditional credit card. You can start a prepaid credit card company without having to invest a lot of money or rent a big office. In fact, if you want, you can run a prepaid credit card company, make money from it and never leave the comfort of your home.

Step 1.

Pick the structure for your business. You can run your prepaid credit card business as a sole proprietorship, or you can choose to register the business as a partnership, corporation or a limited liability company (LLC). You may want to speak with a business accountant or business attorney about the structure of your business before deciding which one offers you the best protection of your assets and the most tax advantages.

Step 2.

Choose a business name. You may want to include the term “prepaid credit cards” in the name so prospects know what your business provides right away.

Step 3.

Register the business with the state and county where the business operates. Whether you choose a home-based office or rent a space for your office, contact your state's Secretary of State and the county licensing department to register your business with the state and the county.

Step 4.

Write a business and marketing plan. Create a written guide for your business that includes how much income you want to generate, the marketing tactics you will take to reach your prospective buyers and who your prospective buyers are. For example, you may choose to target low-income individuals and those with bad credit who are not able to obtain a traditional credit card.

Step 5.

Call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain a tax identification number for the business.

Step 6.

Choose a local or online bank and open a business bank account.

Step 7.

Register as an affiliate for prepaid credit card services. Visit affiliate networks such as the Credit Affiliate Network, Linkshare or Commission Junction (see Resource section). These networks have prepaid credit card programs you can sign up to represent. For each sale you make, the affiliate company pays you a commission. Sometimes the commission is a flat-rate fee, but other times it's a percentage of what the customer pays to purchase the prepaid credit card.

Step 8.

Build a website that promotes the prepaid credit card options you represent. Add the special links with a special code embedded that the affiliate company provides to you. This is how the company tracks the leads that come from you and how it knows when to pay you.

Step 9.

Promote your website. You can attend networking meetings and hand out business cards with your business name, business phone number and website address. You can also promote your business online with pay-per-click ads, article marketing and search engine optimization, which helps your website rank higher in the search engines for terms related to the prepaid credit card industry.