How do I Obtain a Maine Seller's Certificate?

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Any person or entity that is planning to sell any product or service in the state of Maine must have a retailer's certificate, also known as a seller's certificate. The retailer's certificate contains the identification number of the person or business that is allowed to sell and collect sales tax and use tax on supplies or products sold. The business is also responsible for submitting the sales tax on products and services provided to customers.

Contact the Maine Revenue Services Office, P.O. Box 1065, Augusta, Maine 04332-1065. Request an application for a retail certificate and sales tax registration number.

Complete the application as soon as it arrives in the mail. Include type of business, business name and physical address on the application form.


Return the completed application to the Maine Revenue Service.


Read the certificate when it arrives by mail to be sure every detail is correct. Fill in your signature and display the retail certificate in a highly visible place where business is being conducted. Customers are supposed to be able to see the certificate, along with any state inspector who may visit the address.


Call the MRS office at 207-624-9693 if any questions arise.




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