Customers who need a custom-built computer may turn to your company to build one for them. Individuals like gamers, investors or musical artists who need sophisticated systems that can handle a lot of information at a fast speed will pay top dollar for your services. Starting a computer building business requires little overhead if you choose to operate out of your home. You will need to have a selection of computer supply stores to choose from to order supplies.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer parts suppliers

  • Website

Step 1.

Take classes in computer building and obtain certifications to enhance your skills and attract customers who will trust your expertise. Computer technicians (builders) are A+ certified, which is an indication that they are an expert in PC repair and can build a computer from scratch. Visit local community colleges or schools online to get information on testing locations and classes. A typical A+ certification class can last 40 hours or longer.

Step 2.

Apply for a tax ID number (also known as an Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. A tax ID number is a nine-digit number that is similar to your Social Security number. A tax ID number is needed to open business checking accounts, obtain business credit and hire employees. Suppliers of computer parts may want a copy of your tax ID number to verify your business and to check credit before they will supply wholesale parts to your business. Visit the IRS website to apply for a tax ID number, or contact an agent by phone at 1-800-829-1040. There is no cost for a tax ID number.

Step 3.

Find wholesalers who sell computer parts for your computer building business. Use offshore distributors like or Companies like TigerDirect sell unique computer components that your customers may want.

Step 4.

Create a website for your business using website templates, which are shells of websites already created that allow you to upload your own content and images. Or hire a freelance web designer from a site like or to build the site for you.

Step 5.

Build several custom computers you can sell on craigslist, your website or eBay to give people examples of your experience and expertise. Make the computers unique in appearance and different than standard computers available in stores.

Step 6.

Advertise your business using submission sites like craigslist and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. Place ads in your local paper and online magazines.