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In the past, it was a wise marketing decision to get your business listed in the local phone book's Yellow Pages. However, today's businesses need to do much more in order to get themselves ahead of the competition. Internet marketing has become essential to the success of most marketing strategies. Dex and AT&T Yellow Pages can put your business in front of your target audience, making a Dex listing a strong marketing tool.

Getting Listed with Dex

Contact There are two ways you can do this. One is by calling them at 1-877-433-9249, or you can contact them through email by visiting their website.

Consider your advertising options, and select the best plan for your business. Dex has 4 mediums for advertising; an Internet directory, a mobile directory, a voice directory, and a print directory. It will be up to you which mediums will work best for your business.

Make a counter offer against the original price that was offered. You may be able to save yourself some money. Once you’ve agreed on the price make the purchase

Buy an ad. This is the fastest way to get your business indexed in the Dex Yellow Pages directory. Dex does not offer a cart on their website, nor do they give out pricing information. You will need to contact Dex Yellow Pages in order to get an ad placed in their business directory.

Compare with Competitors

Dex uses AT&T and CenturyLInk Yellow Pages as a reference. If you get listed in one or both of these directories it won’t be long before Dex Yellow Pages has you listed too.

Call and compare prices with AT&T by visiting their website. Depending on your budget, you may want to weigh your options on who to list with first.

Call and compare prices with CenturyLink by visiting their website. Depending on your budget, you may want to weigh who you list with first.

Get Listed for Free

Go to and click on “Get A Free Listing.” Enter your telephone number and perform a search to see if you are already listed in their YellowPages directory. If you are not listed then continue to Step 2. Once you are listed on you will be listed on Dex Yellow Pages as soon as they update their directory listing. Dex uses as a source when updating their directory.

Enter your business information into the form provided by and click continue. Complete your business listing details. When you are finished you will be prompted to create an account with

Verify that your listing is correct by performing a search at If anything is wrong you can correct it in your account. Be sure to keep your information correct and up to date. That way when Dex Yellow Pages indexes their directory your listing will be correct there as well.



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