How to Sell Sales Leads

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At some point, most businesses need sales leads to market their products or services. Companies that sell to consumers or businesses will often purchase these leads for mailing postcards. However, sales leads can also include phone numbers for salespeople to call directly. Whatever the case, there are several key steps involved in selling sales leads.

Select to which industry you want to sell your sales leads, such as mortgage, window manufacturers or even entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses. If you want to sell mortgage leads, for example, search the Internet for wholesale list brokers who sell mortgage leads of people that need a mortgage, suggests

Call several of the wholesale list companies. Try to find one that sells phone, mail and email lists, as real estate agents or mortgage companies, your potential customers, will have different ways they prefer to contact these consumers. Ask the list brokers in which quantities they sell their leads.

Go online and determine the average price for the mortgage leads, or leads you are selling. Check with sites such as, or even Decide the price that you will sell your leads. Call the list brokers back and determine which ones provides you with the lowest cost. Choose the list broker that provides a low cost and supplies all of the types of leads you need.

Set up a business line. Make sure your greeting includes a blurb about your mailing lists. Use the term "fresh leads" in your voice mail, which is important to potential customers.

Create a website for your business, or locate someone online that can create one for you. Choose a an URL that relates to the product that you are selling, such as ""

Find out if your list broker supplies brochures or sales letters for their leads. Ask your account manager if you can order these brochures and order forms with your name imprinted on them. Create your own brochure and sales letter if the broker does not supply these marketing materials. Include your business line and website address on your brochure.

Go on the Internet and search for people who specialize in search engine optimization, so you achieve a high ranking when people search for your type of leads. Make sure the person who does your search engine placement lists you on, and other top search engines.

Place a classified or small display ad in one or more publications that are read by the type of customer you are targeting. Place an ad in a magazine read by real estate or mortgage companies, for example, if you are selling mortgage leads.

Call all potential clients back right away as they may be calling other sellers who sell leads. Take their order, or direct them to your website. Mail them a brochure if they request additional information.


  • Continue to market your sales leads through print and online marketing. Set up appointments with potential customers if they need to meet you in person. You may have a better chance of making a large volume sale if you talk to your client in person.


  • Never sell ineffective names to people, as this will destroy your reputation. If you are getting negative feedback on your leads from customers, change you wholesale supplier.