Running your own prepaid debit card company requires a great deal of preparation and financial investment. Many options are available when you produce a debit card. Manufacturing companies exist that specialize in debit and credit card production and create cards to your specifications. Once you have your cards, start active word of mouth to market your cards. Finding and keeping the target audience of your debit card service determines the financial success of your business.

Step 1.

Calculate your budget. Figure out how much money you have to spend on your debit card business. You need this number when discussing your debit card features with the manufacturer.

Step 2.

Contact the card manufacturer and discuss your debit card. Options include magnetic stripes, smart chips and foil embossing. Certain debit card features raise manufacturing costs. Find ways to make your card stand out in a competitive market. Consider features your target audience finds useful. This could include adding security features or offering your customers incentives through their card.

Step 3.

Make your initial card order. The company may require you purchase a mandatory minimum amount of cards.

Step 4.

Figure out how many of your debit cards you need to sell to cover your manufacturing costs and how many you need to sell to make a profit. Adjust numbers depending on the amount of cards you order.

Step 5.

Create a partnership with local stores frequented by your client base to sell your prepaid cards. Create an online store to allow resale of your cards.


Follow your state and city guidelines for business licensing. Registering as an LLC legally protects your personal assets while conducting business.