There’s a strong market for both used and new movie props, ranging from clapboards to costumes. If the movie prop has been associated with a produced film, the value of the movie prop should be enhanced. Viewers of movies like “Casablanca” want to take home a piece of movie history, namely the fedora that Humphrey Bogart wore. Memorabilia that has been signed has even greater value to collectors or curators.

Step 1.

Research the prices that other similar movie props have gotten. You can find recent sales on eBay or other auction websites. Alternately, you can review how memorabilia is selling on websites that specifically auction movie props, like Premiere Props or Hollywood Memorabilia.

Step 2.

Clean the movie prop. The prop should be dusted and washed, if necessary. Be careful not to alter or damage the prop during the cleaning stage. You should use a wet rag to wipe away any dust and store the prop in a dry, cool space.

Step 3.

List the movie prop on eBay or other auction websites. These websites allow potential buyers to offer competitive bids on the movie prop. You should properly describe the condition of the prop, including any sentimental value it might have.

Step 4.

Contact the curators at relevant museums or shops. For instance, the Museum of American History acquires memorabilia from Hollywood classics, such as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers which are on display. The curator might be interested in acquiring your movie prop.