The business environment is dynamic and constantly changing. Successful companies know how to adapt to the fluctuations in the marketplace by adjusting their offerings to meet the needs of consumers. In order for that to happen, companies need to be able to remain flexible with their internal organizational structure. Sometimes, it’s necessary to change roles and responsibilities within the company in order to complement the external environment.

Review the Current Job Description

If your organization needs to make some changes to an employee’s job responsibilities, you’ll need to provide them with the details in writing. Having a brief discussion with the employee is also useful as it enables them to ask questions and gain clarification. The memo acts as a written confirmation of what is discussed between you and the employee. The additional responsibilities letter format is short and clearly outlines what changes the employee can expect.

Before you draft your memo, review the employee’s current job description so you have a comprehensive understanding of what they do now. You may also want to review their past performance reviews to see what their strengths and weaknesses are. This will help you determine what kinds of changes the employee will be able to handle successfully.

For example, if your employee is a customer service representative, you may wish to increase their role by having them respond to customer inquiries over social media as well. However, if in their past performance reviews they have not had a great track record of written communication, then this may not be the best change in duties for them. However, if they excel in written communication and social media management, they may thrive with the new responsibility.

Make Sure the Changes Are Feasible

Ensure that the changes you want to make to the employee’s job description are realistic. If they already have too many tasks on their plate, then adding even more duties may overwhelm them and cause a loss in productivity. If you’re adding on additional responsibilities, you may also need to remove some other duties.

When learning about additional responsibilities, employees will want to know whether they will be compensated to reflect the changes in their role. A good sample memo for duties and responsibilities outlines if any changes will be made to the employee’s salary as a result of the changes in their job description. Ensure this increase in salary is within the budget.

Structure a Sample Letter of Duties and Responsibilities Carefully

Open your memo by stating the intention for the letter. Tell the employee that you are changing their job description. Also mention why the change is happening as it relates to the business.

In the next paragraph, focus on the employee’s strengths and the value they bring to the organization. Build on that by outlining the additional responsibilities they will be taking over. If you’re removing some of their duties to account for this change, let them know who will be taking over those areas.

Finally, if there will be a change to the employee’s salary as a result of their increasing job description, tell them about the change and from when it will be effective. Sign off by sharing your excitement for what this means for their career and for the organization. Offer to answer any questions and share next steps.

Sample Letter for Change in Job Responsibilities

Subject: Your new role

Hi Mary,

I’m writing to inform you about a change in your job description at XYZ Corp. In addition to your duties as Customer Service Representative, you will now also be responding to customer questions over our three social media channels. As we grow our business, we’re expanding the way we service our customers. We’ve conducted research with many clients and this is a service they are eager to have.

Since you’ve been with us here, you have excelled in all areas of customer service, particularly in the areas of written communication and timely response. These skills will be critical to your new responsibilities.

To reflect your changing responsibilities within our organization, and to show our appreciation for your work, you will receive a 3 percent raise effective immediately.

We’re thrilled about this new development and look forward to seeing you grow in your expanding role. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We’ll schedule a meeting to discuss the next steps moving forward.

Best wishes,