If you've just opened a small business, chances are you're looking for ways to celebrate your accomplishment, while informing potential customers about the services you offer. A ribbon cutting ceremony is a wonderful way to commemorate your new small business, while involving other members of the community.

Things You Will Need
  • Guest list

  • Ribbon

  • Invitations

Step 1.

Invite some of the leaders in the community to your ribbon cutting ceremony, if possible. This can include the chairman of the local Better Business Bureau branch or the mayor of the city. Members of the city council should also receive an invitation to your ceremony in order to make the event more reputable. If you know of a celebrity who is from the city where the business was erected, try to get in touch with the individual to see if he or she can make a guest appearance.

Step 2.

Contact local radio stations so that the ribbon cutting ceremony can be broadcast live throughout the city. Before the day of the ribbon cutting, reserve a few commercial spots on the radio station you've chosen so that members of the community will be aware of the ribbon cutting and can plan to attend. Offer to sponsor a segment of the show during the time that radio station employees are broadcasting the event. There are also several online radio stations that may be interested in informing potential consumers in your city or state about your small business.

Step 3.

Include other famous figures and offer interactive activities for guests. For instance, cartoon characters that have gained affection in the community can appear at the ribbon cutting ceremony for a children's clothing store, or a person in a local team mascot costume can cut the ribbon for a sporting goods store. Mentioning these attractions in the radio ad can attract more community members. Offering activities such as a raffle or prizes for guests who RSVP early will also make the event more enjoyable and memorable.