How to Create a Flyer for a Home Improvement Company

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A flyer is a one of several ways to advertise for your home improvement business. Flyers can be used to advertise a special promotion, drum up new business or offer a discount on services performed. They are easy to create and are generally lower in cost than other advertising methods. Whether you're looking to begin advertising for your home improvement company or supplementing your existing advertising plan, flyers are an effective, inexpensive way to get the word out!

Create a heading for your flyer, in your word processing program of choice, that indicates what it's about. For instance, "General Electric celebrates 35 years of quality service" or "10% off for new customers." Make your heading stand out by choosing a dramatic or bold font. The heading should have a larger font than the text section of your flyer.

Enter the rest of the information you want your flyer to contain. Keep it simple and easy to read. Do not overcrowd the flyer with unnecessary information.

Include your business name, telephone number and business location on your flyer. Keep your contact information together in one central spot. You can also include your business license number to add credibility.

Search through your graphics or clip art collection for pictures that complement your flyer. Add graphics by selecting them from the collection and inserting them in the desired location(s). If your business has its own logo, be sure to include it on the flyer.

Print a sample out on white paper and review it carefully. Check the formatting, margins, spelling and information, and make any needed changes.

Print your flyers on colored paper.

Save your flyer once it's completed so you can use it as a template for future flyers.


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