How to Run a Beauty Salon Business

by Christina Crowe; Updated September 26, 2017

Beauty salons can provide steady monthly income, especially if you attract repeat business. To make customers want to keeping coming back, your business needs to provide quality service at a good value. It also has to operate at convenient hours and offer a variety of services that will give customers more than one reason to return. Over time, more people will knock on your door, and money will start to flow in.

Step 1

Write a business plan. Include a list of the beauty salon equipment and supplies you will need to run the business. Estimate the cost of these items plus rent, decor, taxes, salaries, benefits and marketing. Visit your banker to discuss the plan and all financial and accounting aspects of your proposed business.

Step 2

Visit several types of locations to determine which is best for your needs. A high-visibility location is a good choice. Shopping malls generally attract heavy foot traffic, but there are restrictions on hours and decor and the rent typically is higher than in other types of locations. Downtown locations may have heavy foot traffic and lower rents, but less foot traffic in the evening. Setting up shop in your home is the least costly option, but you will need an established clientele.

Step 3

Offer a variety of services to attract the most customers. In addition to hair services, these include manicures, pedicures, massage therapy, hair removal and facial treatments.

Step 4

Keep your beauty salon clean. Clients appreciate a warm, clean environment. Keep all towels and equipment odor free and wash what you've used with one client before moving onto the next one to guard against infections.

Step 5

Hire trained professionals. Make sure all of your personnel are qualified to work with the equipment to prevent health hazards. Don't rely on experience alone. Well-trained professionals should have attended a state-licensed program in a cosmetology or barber school and be licensed by the state.

Step 6

Promote your beauty salon by keeping customers satisfied. Word-of-mouth can go a long way to success. Ask friends and family to spread the word as well. Use fliers, banners, and classified advertisements to attract customers. On your fliers, write down your business name, address and contact information. Also explain why customers should patronize your salon and describe what services you offer. Stick your fliers and banners on bulletin boards in universities and shopping centers. Building a website and include testimonials from satisfied customers.

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