How to Make Money Selling Magazine Subscriptions From Home

Selling magazine subscriptions independently used to mean going from door to door, but with the increase in scams, fraud and even trafficking, that type of work is often considered taboo. Affiliate marketing – online, from home – is the more common, reputable way that everyday folks can sell such periodicals or circulations and make money.

By choosing to sell print or online magazine subscriptions from home, you can pad your regular income – or even earn decent money when you know how to make optimal sales. If you have the writing bug, you might even contemplate producing a magazine or selling books using a popular self-publishing route.

Consider the Income Possibilities

Being your own boss is a dream shared by many folks, and with the increase in remote or work-from-home jobs, it's possible to turn your wish into a reality; however, don't expect to get rich quick (or ever) with a magazine-sales gig. Think of selling periodical publications as a side job or passive income, if you have repeat subscribers, providing a little extra cash beyond your regular income. But what if you have a substantial social following?

Develop a Sizable Social Presence

In order to be relatively successful at selling magazine subscriptions online, you should have a large fan base – or friend base – to sell to, which means having a lot of folks following you online. Maybe you have a website or blog, a newsletter or email lists from which you could advertise your subscriptions with a Buy Now button or call-to-action link. If your blog or social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, have hundreds or thousands of followers, you're off to a good start.

If you have a low social following, work to increase the numbers:

  • Post regularly. You'll gain more attention by posting quality comments rather than, say, just sharing links that other folks posted. But don't be an over-sharer – that's just annoying. A few posts a day are enough.
  • Offer quality content on your blog. Informative, well-written articles improve your search-engine rating and blogging reputation.
  • Show genuine interest in whatever your social-media friends care about. 
  • Be a follower, but be choosy about who you follow. Look for people or businesses with the same interests as you – they might follow you in return.
  • Don't be pushy. It's okay to let your followers know that you're selling periodical publications to earn money, but don't annoy them by continually pitching to them. Post about everyday stuff and let your site's advertisements do the selling.

Sell Magazine Subscriptions for Businesses

Do you have a favorite magazine? In order to sell their periodicals, sign up with the publisher or with any others that you'd like to promote. Or, join a company such as that sells all sorts of monthly or quarterly circulations, using the help of commissioned affiliates – home-based workers.

Either way, visit the websites of magazine businesses for information on how to sign up as an affiliate and how much you can earn per subscription –, for example, states on their site a commission of up to 20 percent. Also, consider selling books by subscription to widen your audience. Basically, it's the same sort of affiliation gig.

Make Money Selling Your Own Magazines

If you love to write, have an eye for beautiful images and a passion for something, say skiing, woodworking or baking, or certification that others could benefit from, such as financial planning, you might want to explore the self-publishing road. Composing your own ebook, ezine or fanzine (online books or magazines by writers of all skill levels) is doable, especially with the help of a self-publishing platform, such as Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords.

Selling on Issuu or another digital publishing platform is a way to get your literary work recognized. Then one day (if the stars align), it's possible that folks who are looking to make a little extra money will become your affiliates, promoting your magazine or book through their online platforms.