How to Find Developers to Buy My Commercial Land

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A commercial piece of land is a unique investment and requires a special buyer. A land developer who has the resources and desire to make the land into something beautiful and valuable is the most logical choice, but where to find the right land developer to buy a commercial property is not always easy. With time and diligence, however, you will be able to find the right buyer for your commercial land.

Put up a large
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Advertise your commercial land for sale by erecting a "for sale" sign directly on the property. Choose a location for the sign that will be easily visible from the busiest section of the road whenever possible. Make sure the sign is large enough to be seen from a distance. Also be sure to advertise the land specifically as a commercial opportunity available for development. Local developers who pass by will see the sign and possibly contact you about a potential sale.

Listing your property online will allow developers all over the world to find your land.
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List your commercial property for sale in local newspapers and on as many Internet websites as you can find. There are many online sites that are dedicated to listings for commercial real estate and open land available for development. You will be able to list your property for sale by location and provide images along with an ad giving in-depth details that will be seen by land developers and investors all over the world.

A commercial real estate agent can help you find the right buyer for your land.
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Consult a commercial real estate agency. Placing your commercial land for listing with a real estate agency can be highly beneficial. Your property will be listed in the nationwide listing service for commercial real estate, where it can be found by other agents working on behalf of land developers, as well as by the land developers themselves. An agent will have the expertise to help you market the land and find just the right developer for the property.

Send information about your land directly to commercial developers.
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Market your land directly to commercial land developers. A simple Internet search will allow you to find a nationwide listing of commercial developers. Once you locate contact information for the development agency, you can send the developers an information sheet that describes your property and its merits. Include your contact information so the developer can reach you for further information about your land.


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