Email is an important part of communication and, if used properly, can help you further your business. You can use business email to announce your business, advertise, promote a new product or service or to gain new customers. Sending business email is simple when you follow a few basic steps and use proper email etiquette. Once you get the hang of it, continue to use business email to keep customers informed and build your business.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Email addresses

  • Printer

  • Paper

Step 1.


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Choose an attention-getting subject line. Be specific. "All Spring Flowers Half Off on Sunday" will attract more attention then a subject line that says "Sale on Sunday".

Step 2.

Greet your customers or clients at the beginning of your email. Even though you may be sending out mass emails, make the customer feel as if you're acknowledging him personally. Some business email programs will allow you to insert different names for each email.

Step 3.

Get to the point quickly. Customers will not read through several paragraphs. Make an effort to get your most important information in the first paragraph and include product photos for visual interest.

Step 4.

Thank customers for their time and business. Being courteous and polite encourages customer loyalty.

Step 5.

Spell check your email and read through it a few times to ensure you've made no mistakes.

Step 6.

Create and save an email signature for all business emails. Include your name and title within the company, the name of your business and your contact information.


Always use upper and lower case letters accordingly. Typing an email in all upper case letters makes it appear as if you're shouting. It is hard to read, too.


Make sure your business email address has a professional name attached to it that reflects your business. Your business will lose credibility if customers receive a business email from "".