How to Print Payroll Stubs on Plain Paper With No Software

by Grace Ferguson; Updated September 26, 2017
Give employees a payroll stub so they understand the terms of their payment.

Payroll is a task that most businesses must perform, regardless of size. Many organizations use payroll software, which quickly generates and print payroll check stubs. A small business with few employees or a sole proprietorship might only need to print only small number of payroll stubs. Consequently, investing in payroll software might not be necessary. A few available options available allow you to print check stubs without software.

Step 1

Use a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. Create a template with the necessary headings for the payroll stubs. Generally, headings include employee name, pay period date, regular hours, regular rate, overtime hours, overtime rate, gross pay, involuntary deductions (for example taxes and child support), voluntary deductions (for example, health and life insurance and retirement contributions) and net pay.

For voluntary and involuntary deductions, make one heading for Current and another for YTD (year-to-date). This lets the employee know their deductions for the pay period and what they have paid so far for the year. You may include headings for vacation, sick, and personal time and holidays, if applicable. Enter formulas to calculate column totals.

Save the template under “My Documents.” Click “Save as” before using the template to ensure it remains blank. To print a payroll stub onto plain paper, enter the individual payroll stub information; then print to your printer.

Step 2

Create payroll stubs using an office suite program, such as Microsoft Office. Create a template with the headings outlined in Step 1. Save the file and print the payroll stubs.

Step 3

Visit and use their online calculator. To print payroll stubs for free you must first register. Then, use the professional package. Use the hourly or salary calculator to enter the paycheck details and to print the payroll stub.

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