If you are interested in fashion and like the idea of owning an eco-friendly business, a recycled clothing store might be an exciting and profitable business opportunity for you. Americans discard hundreds of tons of clothing each year, most of which is still in good, wearable condition. Unfortunately, most discarded clothing items find their way into landfills when they could be resold or re-purposed.

Things You Will Need
  • Store location

  • Used clothing

Start a Recycled Clothing Business

Step 1.

Select and lease a location for your recycled clothing store. You will need a space that is capable of accommodating clothing intake, sorting and display. A location in a highly trafficked cultural, art or fashion district would be beneficial for this type of business.

Step 2.

Advertise for clothing donations. You will need used clothing items to sell as your product. Many people would willingly donate clothing they no longer need or want. However, if your goal is to acquire vintage designer items, you will need to negotiate a price for such items. Placing ads in local newspapers or hanging fliers on community bulletin boards should bring in a substantial amount of donations

Step 3.

Prepare used clothing items for resale. Some items can be resold after being dry cleaned or washed. Others may need repairs before they can be offered for sale. Some items that are stained or unrepairable can be pieced together to create new designs. Attach price tags to all items and display them on hanging racks or clothing tables.