How to Make a Flyer for an Auto Repair Business

by Misty S. Bledsoe ; Updated September 26, 2017
Making flyers for an auto repair business does not have to take long.

Making flyers for your auto repair business can be an inexpensive way to let the people in the community know you’re in business. Flyers are flexible as they are easy to distribute with permission in other non-competing businesses around you. You could make basic auto repair business flyers by hand and make copies at a library or local office supplies store, but for a more professional-looking solution, consider using a word processing program.

Open your chosen software program. Click on “File” in the top menu choices and then choose the option that creates a new document. Sometimes the path is “New” then “Document” or “New Document.” In publishing software, you may need to click directly onto the “Flyer” templates.

Type the necessary text pertaining to your auto repair business. Put the name of your business or your slogan at the top. Mention your auto repair specialties or what makes your auto repair business unique under the slogan. For example, try phrases such as "We specialize in brake repair!" or "RVs and fifth wheels welcome!" Insert any graphics or pictures you may want by clicking “Insert” then “Image” or “Graphic” depending on the program. Choose either to insert the picture from a file or from the installed clip art that comes with many word processing and publishing software. Including pictures of your staff (with permission) working on an engine part will make the flyer more personal. Consider clip art graphics of auto repair tools or of happy "customers" next to a car. Consider including photos of your lobby the area where vehicles are repaired with a caption such as, "Safe and reliable work areas ensure efficient repair of your car the first time." Click on the image once you’ve found it to insert it into the flyer.

Place the cursor next to any text you have listed on the flyer. Hold down the mouse key and drag the highlight over the text. Choose from the formatting icons along the top row of the software window. These will allow you to bold, italicize or change the color, size and type of font to display.

Review your work for grammatical errors, misplaced or misaligned graphics and mismatched margin sizes. Start at the top and examine each section of text and each picture by itself. Go back and click the magnifying glass icon in the upper level of the screen to display the “Print Preview” screen. You can also click on “File” in the top row of menu choices and then click on “Print Preview” to display the screen. The “Print Preview” screen shows you how the flyer will look once you print it.

Save the flyer when you’re satisfied with how it looks. You can always update the flyer at a later date if your repair pricing changes or you plan on offering special deals such as getting a free auto detailing with the purchase of a tune-up. You should always update and redistribute the flyer when you win auto-industry related awards. Close your software program when you are finished.


  • If you are using a word processing program, click on “Insert” and then “Template” to search through any preinstalled flyer templates available, saving you time. Change the font or bold important information such as contact information or your slogan to help draw the reader’s eyes to the rest of the flyer. The software program may give you an option to access more clip art or template options while connected to the Internet.

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