If you're just getting started with your Amano PIX-10 time clock, you'll need to set the time on the machine before use. The time displayed on machine's screen is the same time printed onto employees' time cards; therefore, it's important to have the time set to accurately record employees' work hours, including their "clock-in" and "clock-out" times. Keep in mind that if you are not an authorized employee, such as a manager (or a business owner), it's probably not a good idea to adjust the company time clock.

Familiarize yourself with the PIX-10's buttons. The button on the left (with the arrow) is the "Change" button. The button on the right (with the dot) is the "Enter" button.

Press the "Enter" button when the display shows "P2 Cloc." The "12" icon will begin to flash; press the "Enter" button again.

Tap the "Change" button to set the hour (the hour display will flash). The machine's internal clock uses the 24-hour format; so if you want to set it to 3:00 p.m., press "Change" until the display reaches "15." Tap the "Enter" button to set the hour.

Tap the "Change" button to set the minute. When the correct minute is displayed, press the "Set" button twice.

Tap the "Change" button when the message "P2 Cloc" appears again, then press "Enter" when it changes to "End."