How to Sell NASCAR Collectibles

by Nicholas Pell ; Updated September 26, 2017

NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America right now. People love the thrill of watching cars at high speeds on the banked track. Accompanying this interest in the sport is an interest in NASCAR collectibles. Like any sport, people want all manner of objects signifying their love of the sport. If you enjoy collecting NASCAR memorabilia, you can make a handsome secondary income selling your personal collection as well as items purchased wholesale.

Research prices. Find out how much your collectibles are worth, individually. The Beckett Price Guide is still the gold standard in sports memorabilia pricing. However, pricing on the Internet is slightly different. Go to eBay and check out what your collectibles are garnering on average.

Find wholesalers. However much memorabilia you have, you will eventually sell through. You will need a wholesaler to buy from. Some wholesalers will dropship for you. This means that you merely place an order for the customer, and they ship the item, charging you wholesale prices. Others require you to physically receive the items. Check out different wholesalers and decide which is best for you. (See Resource 3.)

Set up an eBay account. Getting onto eBay gives you two options. First, you can use the standard online auction route. This has the advantage of possibly getting you above market value for your items. The other option is to open an eBay store where you sell items for a flat fee. This has the advantage of providing you with reliable income. Local laws vary, but you will probably need a business license of some kind. State taxes must be paid on sales made in states where your business has a physical presence. (See References 2 & 3.)

Start a blog. Blogging isn't just for writers. Blogging is an excellent way to get attention and traffic. Keep a blog about what's going on in NASCAR and what's going on with your collection. Regularly generating content is the best way to increase traffic flow to your eBay store or auctions.

Go to the people. Go to NASCAR races and fan events. Set up a table with a varied selection of both ultra-rare and super common items. Make sure everything is clearly priced but don't be afraid to bargain with people. When selling collectibles, the price is always negotiable. Don't forget to bring fliers directing people to your blog and eBay site.

Get involved in the community. You're already interested in NASCAR. Use that interest to promote your site. Spend a half hour each day posting on a NASCAR forum about whatever you're interested in. Make sure to always have a reference to your blog and eBay store in your forum signature. There's no need to push the merchandise too hard unless you have something extra special.


  • Sell smaller, lower priced items in lots.

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