The copier can be the workhorse of the office, so when that little "Add Toner" symbol lights up, the cartridge must be replaced promptly in order for productivity to stay high. The TD cartridge is a self-contained toner and developer unit that requires no tools to replace.

Step 1.

Lower the bypass tray on the right side of the copier.

Step 2.

Press the side cover "Open" button on the right side of the copier, then open the side cover.

Step 3.

Press both sides of the top of the front cover with gentle pressure and then release to let the front cover drop open.

Step 4.

Press and hold the "Lock Release" button on the top of the TD cartridge and then gently pull the cartridge out of the copier. Release the button and then set the cartridge aside for later recycle or disposal.

Step 5.

Remove the new TD cartridge from its bag and then remove the protective paper.

Step 6.

Hold the cartridge level and then gently shake it horizontally four or five times. This action will break up any toner and developer mix that settled storage.

Step 7.

Pull the tab of the protective cover and then remove the cover from the cartridge.

Step 8.

Align the rear of the TD cartridge in the opening of the copier and then gently push the cartridge in until it clicks into place.

Step 9.

Close the front cover. Close the side cover. Close the bypass tray.


Be certain the front cover is securely latched before closing the side cover. Damage may result to the covers if the side cover is forced closed while the front cover is not latched.