How to Format Footnotes in a Press Release

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Putting footnotes in a press release can help make your information appear authoritative. In addition, they provide sources for claims in case journalists or others care to follow up. Footnotes can also give you the opportunity to expand on points you make in the press release without having to bog it down with too much information. According to the "Chicago Manual of Style," footnotes appear at the bottom of the press release, usually under a line or break to separate them from the rest of the document.

Write your press release and place numbers in sequential order for each of your footnotes.

Place footnotes under the text of the press release in numerical order with a hard return between each. You do not need to use superscript for these numerals.


Format the footnotes by placing the title of the reference cited first, in quotes, with a comma, followed by source with a comma and date, page number, and ending with a period. Include the full URL address if appropriate. (For example, "Man Bites Dog," Canine Times, May 8, 2008, C6.)


Append comments to the source citation if you wish.



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