How to Create an ID Badge Template

Identification badges can increase security for attendees at large events or employees at a larger company. If you need to create many badges at once for an event, or if you routinely print individual badges for new employees, make your job easier by using a badge template. Add the necessary information to the badges, add individual pictures and then print the badges on your sheet of labels.

Creating a Template

Find the label template for the labels that you will be using. For instance, if you are using access control ID labels from Avery, go to its site and download the template for that label. Open the template in Word and click "Enable Editing." You can also design a table in Word and save it as a template if you can't find one for your badges. If you do this, print the table with its gridlines and place it over your sheet of badges to make sure the layouts match.

Importing Information

If your attendees' or employees' information is contained in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, you can import the information necessary for the badge using Mail Merge. Start a mail merge from the Mailings tab. Select your label vendor and then the label template number from the list. To see the label outlines, click the "Label" tab and "View Gridlines." Select the recipients for your mail merge, then insert the merge fields you want to use on the badges, such as first name, last name and employee ID number. Click "Update Labels" to add the merge fields to every badge, then click "Preview Results" to fill in the fields.

Formatting the Badge

To make the badge more visually appealing and increase its usefulness as a security device, format the person's name in a large, bold font. Make your formatting changes in the first label and click "Update Labels" to apply them to all the badges. Add company branding to the badge by inserting a company logo along the bottom. When you insert the logo, change the layout to "Top and Bottom," position the logo where you want it and update the badges. Make sure all the information fits on the badges without looking overly busy or squashed together. Badges should be easy to read at a glance.

Placing People's Pictures

Individuals' pictures must be inserted one by one, and the labels can't be bulk updated after you start this process. Click a label, insert a picture, change its layout, resize it and position it in the upper-left corner or along the upper middle of the badge. Make sure the picture is big enough to see from several feet away.