If your employer uses ADP to pay you, welcome to the club. ADP, or Automatic Data Processing, is a human resources software provider to companies across the globe. ADP offers a self-service portal called iPayStatements that lets you view, print and save copies of your pay statements. You can also view your W-2 forms and make changes to your Form W-4 through this portal.

Registering for ADP iPay

During the onboarding process as a new hire, you should have been given information on how to register for ADP iPayStatements. This includes a passcode to use during registration. If you can’t access that information, contact your HR representative to get it. Once you have your passcode, go to the ADP website login page from either a computer or a mobile device and click Register Now. Enter your passcode, select iPayStatements, then click Submit.

Verifying Your ADP iPay Account 

For verification purposes, you’ll need to provide some information. If you’ve received a pay statement since starting work, you should be able to find this information there. If not, it may be with your onboarding paperwork. You’ll need to have your Social Security number and date of birth, your email address, and other information that can be found on your pay statement. If this information matches what ADP has in its database, you’ll be passed on to the next phase, which asks you to enter information about yourself and create a new password, as well as some other security information. Once you’ve completed all of this, you’ll be ready to log in.

Logging Into Your ADP iPay Account

After you’ve logged in successfully with your password, you’ll see a list of pay statements. Click on any of these to view the statement associated with that paycheck. You can also change your notification settings from the portal, choosing to be sent an email notification when either a new pay statement or W-2 form is available for you to view. These alerts won’t become effective until the next pay period.

If you have difficulty registering, check with someone in your company to ensure you have the correct information from your HR department. If you have login issues, though, make sure you’re using the right username and password. You can reset either of those by selecting Forgot Your ID/Password on the login page. ADP also offers support through its Support for Employees of ADP Clients page. In many cases, though, you’ll be referred to your own employer for problems you’re having, unless the issue is specific to ADP site outages or bugs.