Creating a QuickBooks customer list allows you to determine how many customers are in your QuickBooks database. You can create, view and distribute this list from within QuickBooks Reports. Options for creating a customer list include viewing it as a standard QuickBooks report using a basic report template, or customizing the report template to include additional information. If you choose to customize the customer list, QuickBooks can save it in your list of reports for later access.

Things You Will Need
  • QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise

  • Customer list parameters

Access a basic Customer Contact list. Click “Reports,” and then “Customers & Receivables” from the QuickBooks main menu. Click the “Customer Contact List” to open and view the report. Although this report will provide a list of all QuickBooks customers, it provides additional information you may not require. The information on this basic report includes the customer name, billing information, a telephone and fax number and the total balance the customer owes.

Open the Modify Report window. To provide information more specific to your needs, click the “Modify Report” button at the top left of the report window. Click on the “Display” tab to display options for customizing.

Select columns for display from the left side of the Modify Report window. The window displays a list of column options with a check mark next to columns included in the basic report. Click each check mark to remove and then go through the list and place a check mark next to each column you want to appear in your custom customer list. As an example, you may want to include the first name, last name and the sales representative assigned to assist the customer.

Choose a sort order. The right side of the Modify Report window allows you to choose a sorting order, either ascending or descending, and choose a column to use for sorting, such as by customer last name. Click “OK” to close the Modify Report window and view the customer list.

Save the report for later viewing. Click the “Memorize Report” button located next to the “Modify Report” button, give the report a descriptive name and click “OK” to save. The memorized report will appear in your list of Customers & Receivables reports.


You also have the option to print or email the report.


Be sure to memorize the report if you want to save it for viewing later. If you do not save the report, QuickBooks will erase the information when you exit the report.