How to Open a Garage Door Business

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If you have the expertise to install garage doors, you can sell new or used garage doors and go on-site to install them with an assistant who works for you. Another option in offering services is to repair garage doors and tracking. You can serve home builders and commercial builders in your area and advertise to individuals through classified ads and word of mouth. Another option is to buy old garage doors and refurbish them for resale.

Engage one or two employees who can help you install heavy garage doors. Obtain funding to buy doors or establish credit at a home improvement store. Talk with your insurance company to get coverage before you attempt to go into business. Get a business license to operate a garage door business.

Get business cards printed, and try to engage one or two customers. Don’t over-invest in brochures or portfolios explaining what you offer until you calculate the need for your services. Talk with builders in your area, and let your neighbors know you are starting a business to install garage doors, or to buy garage doors for refurbishing and recycling.

Learn to make sketches of how a home would look with new garage doors. For example, some homes would gain market value with carriage doors versus cheap metal doors they may already have. Help homeowners upgrade their properties by installing better garage doors. Don’t overlook the money you can make by charging for installing garage doors the homeowner has bought from someone else.

Use a calculator to assess your hourly income for installing garage doors. Figure up your hourly income on buying, refurbishing, and reselling old garage doors. Focus on doing what works in terms of making a good income. Don’t waste time on tactics that do not help you financially.

Serve clients in high-end neighborhoods, if possible. They will be willing to pay more for their garage doors, since their homes will reflect the investment. Avoid clients that try to get a bargain from your efforts, since time is one asset you can’t recover in business.


  • Educate yourself thoroughly about different brands and types of garage doors. You must become a subject matter expert on garage doors, since many of your clients will do their homework and research. You must be able to guide them as an expert. Talk with builders about the pros and cons of certain types of doors and which are easiest to install.


  • Enlist the help of employees or subcontractors in installing the doors. Garage doors are extremely heavy and how you manage the installation can affect your back. It’s not worth it to ruin your health by trying to literally carry too much of the weight yourself in putting up garage doors.