Painting companies provide interior and exterior decorating services to construction companies, property agencies and domestic and business property owners. They decorate newly-built or existing houses, apartments, factories, offices and stores. Company size can range from a sole trader with local customers to large firms handling projects like office blocks or new housing developments across a region. Setting goals and objectives helps painting companies of every size plan their future development and meet important revenue and profit targets.

Build a Strong Customer Base

To generate revenue, painting companies must attract and retain customers. In the early stages of a business, a company must set goals for acquiring customers quickly. Painting is not a business that offers good opportunities for regular repeat business. A customer may want a company to paint a house or an office, but is unlikely to require the same work for several years. The exception may be agencies, such as real estate firms or property maintenance companies, that hire painting companies to work on a wider range of properties.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

A key goal for painting companies is to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers may recommend the company to friends, family members or business colleagues, helping to increase the customer base and boost revenue. Customer satisfaction also helps to build a company’s reputation as a quality, reliable supplier. Putting customer testimonials on websites or in promotional leaflets and advertisements adds credibility to a company’s marketing activities and may help to increase new business.

Generate Strong Revenue Streams

Painting companies must generate revenue quickly to meet their costs and make a profit. Companies must be able to pay salaries, buy or lease essential equipment such as vehicles, ladders, scaffolding and uniforms, procure the materials required for each painting job and cover their administrative costs. They must therefore set monthly, quarterly and annual budgets that include income goals for each period. Setting clear income goals also provides information for monitoring cash flow and identifying gaps that may require additional sources of funding.

Set Long-term Growth Objectives

Painting companies display a clear vision of the future by setting growth objectives. A painting company may set the objective of becoming the leading supplier of office decorating services in the state, or winning large-scale contracts for painting new housing developments. These objectives help painting companies decide where to focus their recruitment programs and their marketing resources.