Sam's Club is a popular option among local business owners looking for suppliers who can handle small orders. Established in 1983, this American chain store offers wholesale products across 44 U.S. states. Members enjoy exclusive discounts and low prices year round. A Sam's Club membership can help your business save money and expand its product offering.


Applying for a Sam's Club membership can be done online through the Sam's Club website.

Sam's Club at a Glance

This members-only store, which is a division of Walmart, makes it easier for small and independent businesses to reduce their expenses. Those who wish to enjoy these perks can enroll in the Sam's Club membership program for:

  • Cash rewards
  • Free shipping
  • Discounted prices on fuel
  • Instant savings
  • Free battery testing and flat tire repair

Membership at Sam's Club is $45 per year for the basic plan and $100 per year for the premium plan. The latter offers more perks, such as early shopping hours and free delivery for all orders. Both plans include a Sam's Club card, which can help you save up to $5,000 per year.

The company's main competitors are BJ's Wholesale Club and Costco Wholesale. Currently, its primary goal is to become the go-to choice for small businesses looking to get the best deals on wholesale goods.

Sam's Club Membership

Enrolling in the Sam's Club membership program is quick and easy. Access the company's website, click "Join" and fill out a brief form before entering your payment details. You also have the option to order an additional Sam's Club card for free.

Sam's Club membership requirements are pretty straightforward. Members must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID card. They also need to be licensed professionals or run a business. However, the company reserves the right to accept, decline or revoke membership at its sole discretion.

Bear in mind that all of its offers are subject to certain terms and conditions. Free shipping, for instance, only applies to standard delivery and does not apply to express and premium delivery services. Also, not all products include cash rewards. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, milk, mobile phone contracts and fuel are just a few examples.

The membership cost covers a 12-month period. Once your membership expires, you will be automatically billed for its renewal unless you cancel it. Another option is to sign up for a guest membership, which works as a single-day pass. Simply download, fill out and print the guest membership pass available on the company's website. If you prefer to shop online, create a guest account during the checkout process.

Why Join Sam's Club?

If you have a small business, joining Sam's Club may be worth it. Members with a Plus membership can enter the stores as early as 7:00 a.m. to avoid the crowds. Additionally, they receive free shipping on most products, regardless of the order value.

Another major advantage is the easy access to business services. As a member, you can sign up for payroll services, payment processing services, marketing services and much more. Sam's Club also features an online platform that members can use to compare and purchase vehicles at discounted rates. Sam's Club offers wholesale pricing and the opportunity to buy products in bulk, which can be helpful to business owners.

Costco, one of its direct competitors, offers a wider range of membership options, but its product offering is quite similar. Organic products seem to have a better price compared to those at Sam's Club.

BJ’s, the second major competitor, provides online access to its products and services for only $10 per year. Its other two membership options are slightly more expensive than a membership at Sam's Club. A big plus is the self-checkout option available in stores. Sam's Club, on the other hand, has a more flexible return policy.

All three warehouse clubs provide similar services. Choosing one comes down to your preferences. A membership at Sam's Club can save you time and money, no matter your industry or type of business. Consider using a single-day pass to see what they have to offer.