How to Open a Business Account at Sam's Club

by Jackie Lohrey; Updated September 26, 2017
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Sam's Club basic and enhanced business memberships are available to state and local government entities and qualifying large and small, home-based, franchise and direct-selling businesses. The term “qualifying” means that you must provide evidence of business ownership or operation, such as a business card, letterhead, invoice, business check or other credible documentation.

Sign-up Procedures

Open a basic or “plus” business account in person or online. You’ll supply personal and business contact information, a valid personal and business email address and, if you’re applying online, a password. You can request a complimentary card for a household member age 18 or older and add-on cards for up to eight employees. Provide contact information for each person on the initial application or at any other time. After paying the required annual fee, or fees if you’re adding one or more employees, show the required documentation to the service representative, attach a copy to your application or fax evidence to the number provided on the online application.

Get a Membership Card

If you apply in person, you’ll receive a card and can start shopping immediately. If you apply online, you’ll receive a membership number that provides shopping privileges until Sam’s Club approves your application and instructs you to pick it up at the service desk on your next visit.

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