How to Set Up a Web Store

The Internet offers you, as a business owner, a chance to market your services or products. Creating a web store can immensely increase your sales because it reaches a broader audience. Make the most of your web store's sales by investing in goods or services that will be profitable. You will also want to optimize your web pages properly to yield the best search engine results. If you do not necessarily have goods or services to sell, create an affiliate web page to benefit from commission-based sales.

Find a marketable niche and determine the items that you want to sell, based on that niche. For example, baking goods, herbs and spices are part of a cooking/baking niche.

Build your main site first to act as a gateway to your online store. The main site will be content pages that introduce the items that you are selling, possibly the costs, and other important pertinent information you deem necessary for the main site.

Create several web pages that showcase your products. Creating extra web pages will provide more key-rich content on your web store to get a heavier traffic flow.

Place a link to your web store on your site’s main page so that customers can make a purchase. By creating a main page first, you build up more traffic because search engines will rank your page higher.

Set up a secure payment system. Paypal and ClickBank are two secure online transaction centers that are approved by the Better Business Bureau. Provide your name, address, Social Security number and banking account information to register for a free account with Paypal. ClickBank requires the same information but also requires a fee. ClickBank applicants are also subject to an account approval.

Create an E-commerce affiliate web store. If you do not have a product or service to market, sign up for an affiliate web store like Amazon or ClickBank, to earn a commission for selling the other party's product.

To set up an Amazon store, provide the necessary banking and personal information to get a free account with Amazon Associates. Use its templates to design your web store and to determine the types of items you would like to sell from its web store.