How to Find Information on Military Contracts

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All branches of the US military contract with manufacturers and service providers for a wide variety of products and services from food to bombs. The Department of Defense has a strictly controlled bidding process to ensure fair competition, compliance with federal contract laws and transparency. Contracts valued at over five million dollars are posted on the Defense Department website with a brief abstract of the contract details.

Awarded Contracts

Visit the contracts page of the Defense Department website (link below). The page lists all contracts awarded in the past month by day.

Click on the link for the date that the contract was awarded. If it was awarded before the current month, click the “Contracts Archive” link in the lower right hand corner of the page, then click the month that the contract was awarded. A list of dates will be presented. Select the date of the contract award. A list of all contracts finalized on that day will be displayed.

Scroll down the page and find the contract you are interested in. Each contract awarded on the selected date is listed under the branch of service. Each contract abstract will include a brief description of the contract requirements, the company awarded the contract, the dollar amount of the contract and the contract number.

Available Contracts

Visit the Federal Business Opportunity website (link below). This website provides a searchable, central repository for all unclassified military contracts.

Use the search capabilities to find contract opportunities by keyword, agency, post date and a number of other criteria. The search will return a list of links to available contracts.

Click on the title of the contract you are interested in. A contract detail page will be presented including the solicitation number of the contract, a synopsis, contracting agency and contact information for the point of contact.