How to Introduce a Janitorial Business to Customers

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While janitors tend to do all the dirty work, it's a must to appear professional when introducing a new business. The first impression is a lasting one even in the janitorial business. Be prepared for the first meeting to help solidify your place as a credible janitorial service provider.

Introducing a Janitorial Business

Identify the target market for your janitorial business. These should include new housing builders, new commercial builders, established small construction companies and high-end home builders.

Print flyers and business cards. Show you care about the impression you make by taking the time to make professional logos and paperwork headers. Set up a sample billing statement and sample invoice. Use an online template to design the samples, then save them to a memory card. Take the memory card to a printer and have them printed in bulk.

Hang flyers on bulletin boards in local businesses and libraries. Ask small local businesses to allow you to place business cards on their counter by the checkout. Take some of their cards if they have them and offer to give them out to your customers in exchange.

Run an ad in the local paper announcing the grand opening of your janitorial service. Explain what the service offers and if there are any specialties like fire clean up. Run a press release online. This is a free service, but you may want to hire a professional writer.

Send out introductory offer letters to local small business that you would like to have as janitorial clients. Don't forget local bars and construction companies with offices. Mail the letters or coupons with regular postage. Companies are more likely to open a personalized envelope rather than one that looks like junk mail.

Go door to door (business to business) personally introducing yourself and offering free estimates. Follow up on every introductory letter you mailed out. Show you are interested in developing a customer service oriented janitorial service.

Visit online handyman forums and offer solid advice on cleaning up the big messes. Offer your services in your forum signatures. Establish yourself and your business as an expert in the janitorial field.