How to Fly Internationally as a Courier for Cheap

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Couriers carry important packages and deliver important information around the globe. If you've ever dreamed of traveling the world, working as an international courier may be for you. However, as a courier, you don't necessarily get to fly for free. There are a few tips you should follow to travel internationally as a courier for a cheaper rate than other airline passengers.

Contact courier companies to find out which types of businesses use couriers most often. Courier companies purchase the tickets that are bought by businesses and corporations to send couriers overseas. A courier company would have a very good idea of what type of business you should be contacting to advertise your courier services.

Contact large businesses and corporations in your area to let them know that you're available as an international courier. Businesses and corporations use couriers to transport packages or documents because it's usually cheaper than shipping them. As a courier, you'll be able to purchase a ticket to the final destination of the package for a fraction of the cost.

Advertise your courier services during times of the year when most people don't travel. This is typically during the winter time after the holidays or early spring. That way, you won't be competing with other couriers who want cheap trips over their summer or holiday vacations.

Get bonded as an air courier. Organizations, such as located in the resources section below, can give you information about how to become bonded as an air courier. Cargo of high value is often only sent with bonded couriers, so by becoming bonded, you're in high demand and can most likely get more offers and better deals on flights.


  • Be open to traveling alone. If you want to be a courier, you should get used to the idea of traveling alone. You may not always be able to purchase another ticket to the destination you're sent to, and even if you can, the ticket probably won't be cheap. If you want to work as a international courier, be prepared to see the sights of the world on your own.



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