If you are looking to get in touch with a celebrity, high-ranking company executive or other person of note, you usually need to contact their publicist or public relations representative first. This person will handle everything pertaining to public or media relations, including interviews with the person of note, requests for public appearances or statements, or business propositions. If a company or individual is represented by a publicist, their contact information should be easily accessible to the public, simply because of the nature of their role.


Often a professional website will include publicist's contact information. For example, if you are looking for the publicist or PR rep for a corporation, you can visit its main website and search under tabs such as "Media," "Press Inquiries," "News," or something similar. You will usually find the publicist's contact information if she is employed directly by the corporation, or a link leading to the public relations company's own website. The contact information might also be listed on the sidebar, header, footer or on the general "Contact Us," page.

Press Release

Often a press release will have a contact listed either at the end of the press release or at the top of the release. This would typically be the contact information for the person who issued the press release and handles public or media inquiries. You can find press releases on company or individual websites. For example, if you need to find the publicist for a celebrity, you can visit his website and look under the "News" tabs. Similarly, if you want the publicist for a corporation, you can find the press release under a "News" or "Press Releases" tab.


Some publicists can be found on directories such as the one provided by the Public Relations Society of America. These directories let you review a list of publicists and who they represent. You can also look up databases based on industry. For example, the Screen Actors Guild will have its own listing of PR representatives for members. You might need to contact the public relations agency first in order to locate the specific publicist.


Often receptionists can be a wealth of information. Call the main office phone number of a company or individual you are looking to contact and ask who handles publicity. The receptionist or administrative assistant should be able to give you the contact information for the publicist. For example, if you know the PR firm that represents an actor you want information on, call the main number of the firm and ask the receptionist who handles publicity for the actor.