How to Track UL Certification Numbers

Like the "CE" mark in the European Economic Area, the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) mark certifies product safety in the United States. If you want to check up on a particular company's or product's compliance with safety standards, the UL website offers an easy-to-use, searchable Certification Directory.

Checking Certification By Company

Visit the UL Online Certification Directory (see "Resources" below for a direct link).

Type the company's name in the "Company" text field. Leave out credentials like "Inc.", "LLC" and "Corp."

Enter the city and zip code (if in the U.S.) or postal code (if outside the U.S.).

Click "Search".

If the "Error: Over 5000 Results Returned" message appears, go back to the previous page and enter one or two words into the "Keyword" field. Click "Search".

If the description in the right column seems to match the product in question, click on the Cerfication Number link on the left to view the complete listing.

Verifying Certification Number

Visit the UL Online Certification Directory. See the Resources section for a direct link.

Enter the one-letter, five-digit certification number in the "UL File Number" field. Note: the number should consist of a single letter followed by five numerals, with no spaces. For example: "E12345" or "X91845".

Click "Search".

If you find the company's name in the results column, click on the link to view its entire profile, including address. Also check to confirm that the product in the profile matches the product from which you originally got the certification number.



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