ISO Manufacturing Standards

by Jae Chapman ; Updated September 26, 2017
Manufacturing standards ensure that products, like these tools, will be the right size.

ISO Manufacturing Standards are specific to the product under manufacture. Product standards are individually developed and published. Because of manufacturing standards, similar products from different manufacturers will have the same specifications.


ISO Manufacturing Standards ensure globally consistent product specifications and performance, according to ISO.org. Because of ISO Manufacturing Standards, tools and equipment by different manufacturers are interchangeable, ensuring a smoothly operating global economy.


Manufacturing standards are actually technical product specifications. These technical product specifications provide guidance on size, weight, design and performance testing.

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Brought to you by Techwalla
Brought to you by Techwalla


Technical experts work together to develop standards for products. These experts meet and discuss the product requirements until a uniform international guideline can be developed, says ISO.org.

Where to Find

ISO standards for specific products can be found by searching for that product in the ISO catalog. In addition, 242 technical product specifications are included in the Technical Product Specification CD-ROM.

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