With GPS becoming an increasingly common feature in new automobiles and mobile devices, it is important to recognize the value of adding your business to GPS maps as a point of interest. When your business appears on GPS maps, it increases the odds of drawing in casual customers and also increases your overall brand awareness.

POI Services

GPS service providers receive their POI information primarily from three POI companies: NavTech, InfoUSA and GPS Data Team. Each company requires you to create an account to add or update your business listing. Gather your business information such as the address, phone number and logo image file ahead of time. Prepare a short description of the business as well.

Adding Your Business

Once you log in, the POI services follow somewhat different processes depending on the provider, but ask for equivalent information. Specifically, you need to enter or confirm the physical address, phone number and map position, as well as define the general service or industry of your business. GPS Data Team asks you to enter your information manually. InfoUSA asks you to search for your business by name, number or address and then modify or create a listing. NavTech facilitates changes by way of an online, interactive map and menu system.


You should not expect instant results after adding your business to GPS POI lists. There can be considerable lag time -- weeks or more -- between adding your business and it appearing in updates to GPS maps on dedicated devices and GPS mobile device apps.