The Arbonne line of skincare and nutritional products originated in Switzerland nearly 40 years ago and has been developed by a team of biochemists, biologists and herbalists. It is sold mostly through a network of independent consultants. Bypassing traditional retails channels is in keeping with the focus on educating consumers about the product line. While nearly anyone can purchase the materials needed to get started selling Arbonne, success belongs to those who understand the unique selling points of the products. Equally crucial is the ability to organize selling events for acquaintances and recruit new consultants to help extend your distribution.

Step 1.

Familiarize yourself with Arbonne, its history, corporate culture and its extensive product line. The company, for example, operates the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development at its Swiss headquarters. It prides itself on using premium botanical ingredients and offering proprietary formulas not available elsewhere. Learn about key selling points. Notably, there are no artificial colors, flavors or animal products used. Be prepared to explain why Arbonne is special.

Step 2.

Develop expertise on a broad line that ranges from skin care to nutrition and includes cosmetics and aromatherapy. Arbonne, for example, sells a Genius Booster Serum for Body, and many other high-end products designed to both empower and pamper the user. Study the descriptions included on the company's website and sample as many items as possible. Understand how the company's motto, "pure, safe, beneficial," applies to individual products.

Step 3.

Identify the segment of Arbonne products you find particularly appealing and concentrate your efforts on these items. Consider the interests of the consumers you are targeting. For example, if weight loss through healthier eating is a priority, emphasize the benefits of the company's nutritional products.

Step 4.

Create a list of potential leads based your social and professional networks as well as other opportunities in your community. Focus on active, health-conscious consumers who fit the Arbonne image. As a consultant for the company, you can order promotional packages you can then distribute to friends and family, as well as to beauty shops and spas in your neighborhood. Leave contact information and a business card. Be prepared to answer questions about the products. Follow up with calls or in-person visits to gauge the level of interest in placing an order.

Step 5.

Use your social media presence to tell people you are an Arbonne representative. Explain the company's focus on botanically based proprietary formulas while positioning yourself as a consultant who can address specific health and beauty care needs. Post video tutorials available from the company that demonstrate the proper use of its products. Include videos of yourself using the products and document improvements to your skin.

Step 6.

Invite friends and family to your home for an Arbonne beauty party. These events are a major part of the Arbonne approach and can prove instrumental to your success. Spread out samples from a cross section of products on a table and serve Fit Chews and the Greens Balance Dietary Supplement Blend from the nutritional line. Re-enforce the "benefit/concern" equation with hands-on demonstrations. For example, offer guests a shoulder rub using Aromassentials Unwind Body Lotion, which is formulated with an herbal blend of oils to offer soothing properties.

Step 7.

DIscuss business opportunities for those you are selling to. One of the best ways to succeed as an independent consultant for Arbonne is to recruit new representatives to work under you since you will receive a commission on their sales. The more consultants you recruit, and the more that they recruit, the more money you will make. Use your product knowledge and familiarity with the company to familiarize others with Arbonne's incentives plans. Seek to continuously expand your sales network.


Ask your friends to host an Arbonne party in their homes in exchange for discounts on products they buy.

Widen your sales network to include health food stores and gyms. Leave a small stack of your business cards and other material whenever possible.

Do not focus your selling efforts on price. Stress the unique attributes of Arbonne's products and how they fit into a healthy active lifestyle.