The receipts printed on Royal cash registers can have several pieces of information, including the name of the company, a salutation, the date of purchase and the financial transaction. The current date needs to be programmed into the register in order for the correct date to print out on the receipt. In addition, you can program the order of the date printout according to your preferences or your country's standard.

Place the key in the "Mode" key slot and turn it to "PRG." This places the register in program mode, where you can make all of your changes to the register.

Press the corresponding number keys on the register to enter the current date. The date needs to be entered in "MM/DD/YY" format. For example, if you want to set the date for March 9, 2010, enter "030910."

Press the "#/ST/NS" button to save the date to the cash register. The correct date will now print out on receipts and cash register reports.

Change the order of the date printout from "MM/DD/YY" to "DD/MM/YY" by entering the manager password and pressing the "Check" button if you have manager password privileges. Press "4" and then "0" to change the date format. Switch back to the "MM/DD/YY" format by pressing "4" and then "1."