How to Write an Employee Evaluation Form

Evaluating your employees is important for understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Your employee evaluation form will give you the information you need in order to know which training to implement, which employees to watch more carefully or terminate, and which employees to promote in the future. Robert Ramsey at outlines a way to make employee evaluation forms.

Re-read the job description that you used to hire the employee so you understand what they came into the job expecting.

Review any changes that were made to their contracts or job descriptions between the time they were hired and the time of the evaluation.

Make a list of the most important points of the job. This might be the job tasks they need to perform or the various ways they need to perform those tasks, such as with impeccable customer service or as quickly as possible. Only you as the employer can know what these important parts of the job are.

Create a rating scale that you can use to rate their performance on each of those points of the job.

Evaluate the employee during a period. Keep notes during the entire period.

Fill out the form you've created. Give the employee a number ranking for each of the important points. Below this ranking, write a sentence or two about why you chose to give them that particular ranking.

Evaluate the score that you have given the employee when you are finished in order to determine if action, positive or negative, should be taken.


  • Tell your employee when and how they will be evaluated.


  • Don't rely on rumors or allegations to make your evaluation.