In today’s economy keeping customers satisfied is more important than ever. A thank you note to a repeat customer increases customer satisfaction and lets you rise above the competition. According to Brad Farris of the Anchor Advisory Consulting Group, “the inability to satisfy customers quickly results in the loss of a customer base for a business and soon after that, the loss of the business. The words, thank you go a long way”(Farris, n.d.).

Things You Will Need
  • Repeat customer name and address list

  • Customer transaction information

  • Business stationary

  • Business envelopes, preprinted with return address

  • Printed customer address labels if desired

  • Pen (black or blue ink only)

  • Postage machine or stamps

  • Computer and printer if sending typed letters

Steps To Completing Your Thank You Note

Write the note in the appropriate tone for each customer. Whether your business has a formal or casual corporate culture reflect that but if you do not know your customers personally it is best to use a formal salutation: “Dear Mr. Baskins.” If you are writing to customers you have personal interaction with and you usually call them by their first name your salutation should reflect that: “Dear Brad.”

Personalize each thank you in some way. If you are handwriting a few notes this is relatively easy but if you are completing a large batch it might be best to divide them by product purchased and the date of the transaction. This way you could change a few sentences on the computer and then print out so each note is still personalized. For example, “Dear Mr. Baskin, I sincerely hope you are enjoying the __ (product or service A) you purchased from us on September 19th. I see this is the second time you ordered_ __ (product or service A) and I’m delighted it is working well for you. Please accept our thanks for your continued patronage.”

Include something of interest to your customer such as another product they may be able to utilize or a special promotion they may take advantage of. For example, after starting the main part of the note, add: "Since you do enjoy __ (product or service) may I also suggest_ __ (product or service B), as it works well with what you have purchased. I am enclosing a coupon for 15 percent off to thank you for your repeat business."

Enclose a business card with the note so your customer will have a point of reference to keep.


Drop your customers a thank you note a few times a year to keep them thinking about your business.

Set a goal of writing a certain number of thank you notes to customers in a week or month.

If possible use stamps and not a postage machine as it will appear more personal.


Thank you notes should be handwritten on business stationary but if the quantity is too great you may use a typed letter. The signature should be handwritten and not stamped.