Preparing a professional well drilling proposal will place you a step ahead of your competitors. Submitting a complete proposal package is even more important in a slow economy. Your proposal must include all information the client needs to make an informed decision. Highlight your firm’s experience, technical expertise, highly trained staff or state-of-the-art equipment. This gives the client confidence that your company will provide them with a problem-free well drilling project. Include backup documentation such as copies of your license, insurance, and evidence of financial responsibility.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer and printer

  • Basic office supplies

  • Report cover or binder

  • Copies of occupational license, professional licenses and certifications, certificate of insurance, bank letter

Find out what the client wants

If you're responding to a request for bids or proposals for well drilling, read the invitation to bid carefully and make a checklist of every item required. The client may want references, descriptions of past projects, or evidence of financial responsibility in addition to a price proposal.

Carefully review any available engineering drawings and specifications for the proposed water well. Make a note of questions you have or items that need clarification. Note the total depth and diameter of the well, casing depth and material, well development methods and performance specs, pump motor type and size, electrical requirements and transmission main connection.

Visit the site of the proposed well. Make a note of any features not shown in the drawings, including landscaping, soil type, underground and overhead utilities, or potential interferences.

Attend any meetings scheduled by the client. Have your list of questions available. If a meeting is not scheduled, contact the client or engineer to clarify any issues discovered during Steps 1 through 3.

Prepare proposal

Using all the information you have gathered, prepare your water well drilling proposal package. Type the proposal on a computer, or print neatly. Check each item off your checklist as completed. Highlight items that make your company stand out, such as successful projects, staff expertise or permitting experience.

Include the price proposal, and all the required supporting documentation that you noted on your checklist in Step 1.

Provide a detailed description of the project, if not responding to a request for bid or proposal.

Make at least one copy of the well drilling proposal for your records. Make additional copies as required by the client. Place each copy in a report cover or binder, with documents ordered as per the bid or proposal request. Copies should be clean and complete, with all documents in the same order as the original.

Deliver the well drilling proposal before the deadline date and time either personally or by mailing service with return receipt.


Double check the location, date and time for delivery of your well drilling proposal and allow extra time for unexpected delays.