Most hospitals and medical facilities require employees in care positions to wear scrubs when working. These scrubs give a professional image, while providing flexibility for nurses, aides and physicians to do their jobs. With more than three million new healthcare jobs expected to be created between 2004 and 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, an increased need for uniforms is also expected. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this growing field by learning how to start a nurse uniform business.

Step 1.

Find funds to start the business. A variety of loan options are available from the government’s Small Business Administration. These loans vary in amount, interest rate and requirements. Start-ups not wanting to use loan funds can seek an investor who agrees to donate his or her money, receiving profits from the success of the business in return.

Step 2.

Learn the needs of nurses in the area. Hospitals and other medical facilities often require employees to wear a specific color or type of scrub as their uniform. To ensure a nurse uniform business is profitable, it’s important to learn what the requirements are for healthcare workers in the area, and order uniforms accordingly.

Step 3.

Seek a wholesale supplier. Unless a nurse uniform business is going to make its own uniforms, the scrubs need to be purchased from a wholesale supplier. They provide deep discounts on prices, which allows a nurse uniform business to make a profit when it sells the scrubs at retail price. Contact uniform manufacturers to learn if they sell their own uniforms directly to businesses at a wholesale price, or if they contract with a wholesale supplier.

Step 4.

Find a facility. The facility for a nurse uniform business can be a retail location that has several different types of scrubs available for nurses to look through and try on. It can also be an office-only location where direct orders for scrubs can be made and picked up. While a retail location may be more noticeable and invite the general public to shop for scrubs, it can also be more expensive than an office, since there is usually more square footage.

Step 5.

Market the uniforms. Niche marketing is important in making a nurse uniform business profitable. Reaching out to all medical facilities and offices in an area is a great way to inform them of the products and services provided. A nurse uniform business can also place advertisements in internal company newsletters at hospitals and other large medical facilities, or provide discount coupons and fliers to medical facilities for distribution to their employees.

Step 6.

Provide embroidery services. While the main profit for a uniform business comes from the sale of scrubs, embroidery services can increase overall profitability. Nurses and other medical professionals are often required to wear scrubs with the name and logo of their company on them.