How to Make Money Raking Leaves

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Fall is upon us again and with the change of season comes falling leaves. While colorful trees are beautiful, the leaves that pile up in many yards across the United States are seen as an unwanted chore. Whether you are an adult looking for cash to help put food on the table or you are a student looking for some extra change to buy that new iPhone, falling leaves offer an opportunity to earn hard labor cash.

Get your equipment. This equipment can be as simple as a rake and leaf bags or as complex as a top notch leaf blower. If you are simply looking to earn some extra cash and not looking to build a leaf raking empire, then a simple strong rake from your local hardware store and the appropriate bags, given your community's rules, will do just fine.

Find your customer base. This is really pretty easy -- find the neighborhoods around your community with mature trees and elderly folks. These are the individuals that most need your assistance. You will want to let these people know about your local services by dropping off a business card to them. Given the nature of your business, you can just create and print a simple flyer from your computer. Make sure your phone number is on the flyer so that when they are ready for your leaf raking services they have your contact number close at hand.

Develop your pricing structure which should also be included on your flyer. You should decide whether you want to get paid per full bag of leaves, per hour, or per job. Generally the best approach is to do a price per bag. This will motivate you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Also, be sure to let your customers know that you are accepting cash payment only as you do not want to be dealing with bad checks at the bank. As a rule of thumb, if you believe you can get three bags done in an hour, then charge $5 per bag so that you are earning $15 per hour for your backbreaking labor. Now get out there and make money raking leaves before they are all destroyed by the incoming winter snows.


  • Be certain to follow all IRS income tax rules as you generate earned income. In general, if you make more than a few hundred dollars, you will need to file a tax return and declare the income.

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