Business owners, both commercially and home-based, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are required to apply for and obtain a local business tax receipt license (formally called an occupational license). Local and state laws mandate that this license must be possessed in order for any business to operate. The application process for an occupational license is rather straightforward.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet connection

  • Pen

Applying for an Occupational License

Step 1.

Procure an application. The Application for Local Business Tax Receipt License (formally known as Occupational License) may be obtained directly from: The Broward County Revenue Collection Commission 115 S. Andrews Ave., Room A-100 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 831-4000

Alternatively, the application may be downloaded from the Revenue Collection Commission's website.

Step 2.

Read the application thoroughly prior to filling it out. It is important that all information is accurate and honest. Any discrepancies may result in the application being denied. Additionally, falsification of this document constitutes a second-degree misdemeanor. Fill out the application completely.

Step 3.

The fully completed application must be returned in person to the Broward County Revenue Collection Commission. When submitting your application, be sure to bring at least one piece of government-issued photo identification as well as fictitious name forms if your business operates under a name other than your own. This will ensure that the representative of Broward County may process your application in as smoothly a manner as possible.

Step 4.

The Revenue Collection Commission will notify you once your application has been reviewed and approved.