Selling air purifiers can be a lucrative business that provides steady, recurring income. Air purifiers are proven to reduce symptoms of allergies and can help your customers improve their overall health. To start a successful air-purification business, you need to partner with the right suppliers, network with other businesses to reach your target market and build a strong filter-replacement program.

Things You Will Need
  • Air-filtration units

  • Replacement filters

  • Equipment training

  • Marketing materials

Building an air purification business

Locate suppliers. Customers can purchase air purifiers online or through major retailers, such as Wal-Mart, so you need to carry products that are unique. Market yourself as a supplier of premium, quality equipment, with strong customer service. When you select a supplier, you will either need to purchase inventory in advance, or create a "drop ship" arrangement, where you place orders with the manufacturer as you sell the units. With a drop ship arrangement, you save on inventory costs, but it will take longer to deliver your products to customers. A good supplier should be able to train you on the equipment and even offer sales and marketing support.

Exhibit at home shows. Customers who visit home shows tend to be middle- or upper-income, and they take great pride in their homes. Your product can remove allergens and improve the quality of the air in these customers' homes, and that message will resonate. Learn about the home shows in your geographic market. Ask other, non-competing businesses which shows they have found most productive. The goal should be to produce enough sales and leads to compensate for whatever you spend exhibiting.

Network with businesses with similar clientele. Customers who purchase air purifiers tend to be health-conscious. That means they may already be doing business with other suppliers of health-related products in your area. Consider networking with fitness centers, spas, water-filtration companies and other businesses with similar clientele. Ask them to display your literature, and you can display theirs in return. Explore other joint-marketing opportunities.

Track filter replacements. Selling air purifiers should provide you with years of recurring income. No matter what type of unit you sell, the filters will eventually need to be replaced. You want customers ordering the replacements through you, instead of online or through a big-box retailer. Keep your customers' phone number, address and email information in a database, along with the date of their last filter change. Start sending reminders a few weeks before they are due for a change. Consider handing out refrigerator magnets with your phone number on them to make sure your contact information is always close by when a customer needs a new filter.