How to Start a Kiosk Business in an Airport. The airport is a great place to start a kiosk business. Lots of tourists and businessmen ensure a steady customer flow. There are a few things to consider when starting a kiosk business in an airport. Price and inventory are a few things to think about before you begin your business.

Call the airport and ask about their lease terms. If there's more than one airport in your area, compare lease prices for your kiosk business. Ask the airport if they have any restrictions as to what you can sell. This is important if you have your heart set on selling a specific product.

Check to see if other kiosk businesses in the airport are selling the product that you plan on selling. Choosing a unique inventory helps your business to succeed. If you're the only one with that certain product then customers have to come to you.

Build up your inventory. By this time you should know what you want to sell, so find the best supplier and order your product. Souvenirs are sure to be a hit with the steady stream of tourists walking through the airport. Regional items that are difficult to get elsewhere are also a hit at the airport. This is the last stop before the travelers go home, so it's their last chance to buy that certain regional product.

Advertise your business in the in-flight magazines and in your local paper. Getting the word out about your business is crucial to its success. Potential customers can read about your kiosk business while still in the air, then come off the plane looking for you.