Although QuickBooks provides business owners with an intuitive small-business accounting suite, invoicing may require some instruction to ensure that you create accurate, timely invoices. As a business owner, you must invoice customers before you are paid. QuickBooks software provides an internal accounting solution that handles all your accounting needs, including invoicing. An Intuitive invoicing form screen gives the appearance of a paper invoice, yet includes all the powerful electronic features within QuickBooks. However, you must still set up and create your invoice properly to get the correct data to your customer.

Step 1.

Open your copy of QuickBooks software. Once open, you will need to set up a program to begin invoicing. Click the “List” button on the top menu bar, and select “Item list” from the drop-down menu box, which opens a new window. The new window is your item list screen. Click “Item” in the lower left corner of the window, and select “New” from the drop-down menu box. Your screen will populate with a new window for setting the new item.

Step 2.

Click the “Type” button in the upper left side of the screen, and select “Service” from the drop-down menu box. Place your cursor in the “Item Name/Number” field, and type “Rent." Fill in the description of the rental period and address below. Place your cursor in the “Rate” field, and type your monthly rental price in the box. Select your account directly below the “Rate” box by clicking on the “Account” field and selecting an income account from the drop down-menu box. Click the “OK” button to finish creating your invoice item.

Step 3.

Close the item list window. Click the “Customers” button, and select “Create Invoices” from the drop-down menu box, which opens your new invoice window. Select your customer from the “Customer: Job” field. Choose the correct date and invoice number. Select “Rent” from the “Item Code” field, which will populate the remainder of the fields within the line in the invoice.

Step 4.

Choose the method necessary to provide the invoice to your renter. You can select either “Print” or “Send” from the top menu bar of the invoice window. The print function will print the invoice from your local printer. The send function emails the invoice for electronic delivery.

Step 5.

Click the “Save and Close” button to save the invoice once you selected your method delivery to the customer. To review the invoice, click “Customer” in the top menu bar and choose “Customer Center.” Select your customer from the list on the left side of the customer center screen. A single click on the customer will display the invoice in the right side of the screen. Double clicking the invoice you just created opens it up for review or alteration if necessary.


Any action except delete can be changed, or undone within QuickBooks

Set up your company information before invoicing customers so that your information appears on the invoice.