FTD, also known as Florist’s Transworld Delivery, is one of the most recognized brands in the floral service business offering both retail and wholesale flowers and gifts. Customers can place floral orders remotely via the FTD.com website and the FTD service will match a local florist near the intended recipient to arrange, package and send the flowers and or gifts. FTD allows individuals and businesses to become certified FTD florists through its ftdi.com membership services website. FTD florists are not franchises. FTD simply allows a floral shop to take its current business online by providing the shop with proven marketing tools and access to the wholesale flower and gift prices that have made FTD successful.

Review the benefits of obtaining FTD membership and becoming an FTD florist. You can find a list of benefits at ftdi.com/membership. Some of the benefits include powerful technology services to grow your business, access to profit building business services, and permission to use the FTD logo that ensures customers of your affiliation with a reliable and well established service.

Sign up for an FTD membership. Navigate to ftdi.com/membership/requestinfo.asp. Fill out the corresponding information on the Information Request Form and click “Submit Request.” An FTD representative will contact you with information regarding the necessary fees, application and follow-up steps to become an affiliated florist.

Open your online store as an FTD florist. An FTD representative will provide you with the necessary technical information you must include on your website. You will own a high-quality and secure website without the need of any additional hardware or software. Customers can shop, send you emails, and place orders all through the convenience of their computers. And, you will keep 100 percent of the profits from their orders. Begin advertising your website as a certified and approved FTD florist and watch your sales grow.

Select items to sell on your website. FTD provides access to its network of flowers through its FTD Flower Exchange program. Flowers are shipped direct to you at up to 50 percent off the wholesale price. You are responsible for your inventory and pricing. You are also responsible for taking orders. FTD provides a service called Flowers All Hours in which professional FTD telephone representatives who are knowledgeable about your shop’s pricing and product can take orders around the clock.