Advantages & Disadvantages of Retailing

by Luke Arthur; Updated September 26, 2017

Working in retail is a career path that many choose because of the opportunities that are available in the market. Retail stores are everywhere you look, and if you are considering a job in retail, you need to think about some of the pros and cons before signing up.

Flexible Schedules

If you have an unorthodox schedule to accommodate, retail may be one of the best options to consider. Retail stores are open early and close late, allowing for multiple shifts. Many stores are also open on the weekends. This allows you to get enough hours while accommodating your personal life.


While not every job in retail pays well, if you are talented, you can make a lot of money in this field. For instance, if you get a retail job that pays a commission for the sales you bring in, you can increase your income substantially. Instead of only getting paid for the amount of hours you put in, you can also be rewarded for getting results.


One of the drawbacks of working in retail is that it is very unpredictable. Sales can plummet in a business overnight, which can negatively affect your job security. If you work on commission, you might see your income decrease substantially. In some cases, the retail store might have to cut back on employees or close down because of the lack of sales. This makes the retail industry very difficult to count on.

Dealing With Customers

Although many customers will be pleasant and enjoyable to work with, you will inevitably have to deal with some who are rude and inconsiderate. You will have to deal with these customers professionally, setting aside your personal feelings and focusing on what is best for the company. In some cases, you will be extremely busy, and you must be able to handle the pressure that customers can provide.

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