How to Start an Online Business for Dummies

Starting a business online can be a good way for you to earn money from your home. However, if you want to start an online business, you need a strong work ethic--it's easy to get distracted when you're at home. Treat your business seriously, not as just a hobby. Building an online business can take hard work, but the opportunity to stay at home is an excellent reward.

Choose a business model. Research Internet business models to see which one is best for you. For example, you could sell products or information, offer services through a website or earn income through advertising revenue. Focus on the things that interest you when making a decision. It's easier to work on a business you believe in.

Purchase a domain name. Your domain name is your online address. Choose a name that reflects your business. It helps to choose a domain name that includes words that relate to your business idea. For example, if your business is about tools, you may want to create a site called "The Tool Master." This helps visitors know that your site is what they are looking for and helps search engines to find your site in the right context.

Build your website. You don't have to know complicated HTML to build a website. Try using a content management system, such as WordPress or Drupal. Both of these have a large number of templates that you can choose from. You can always modify the template to give your business a unique look. If you're not sure about doing this by yourself, hire a freelance web designer to do the work for you.

Find a hosting company. A hosting company keeps all of your website files and allows visitors to actually view the website. To start, you can probably purchase the cheapest hosting plan available. As your business grows, you'll be able to upgrade.

Upload your files to your hosting company. You should have a number of files for your website, including pictures and HTML files. Use a FTP program to connect to your hosting company. Usually, these programs are easy to use and simply require logging in and dragging your files to the program.

Increase your site's visitors. The more people you have visiting your site, the more money you can make. Search engine optimization is a method of getting your site listed in the search engines. You can also use paid advertising to bring people to your site.